Issue 19, June 2010


The 11th SMA Annual Symposium waas held on 19 January 2010. It saw a gathering of over 200 participants from academia and industry at the Prince George’s Park Residences seminar rooms. A total of 64 research papers and 52 posters were presented collectively by all five programmes.

AMM&NS student Zhang Liang cliniched the Gold Award of IEEE Best Student Paper Award Competition. He won the first prize with his presentation on Linearly Polarised Light Emission from InGaN LED with Subwavelength Metallic Nanograting, a research on polarized LED that could vastly improve LCD screen, among other benefits.

A graduate of the IMST Programme in 2007, Jonathan Chong (fondly known as Jon) has put together a collection of his best and most heartfelt tunes in his debut album State of My Mind. He shared with SMA Connect on his musical journey.

A research fellow with the CSB programme, Dr Yang's project on the platinum (Pt) based anti-cancer drugs won Gold Prize (Parallel Startup category) at the High Performance Computing Challenge 2009 organised by NUS Computer Centre.

Impact of Microfluidic lab-on-chip Studies on Biotechnology and Medicine

Liu Yang shares with SMA Connect his studies on a bi-fluid micro-flow system for separating particles from its original solvent and re-diluting them into another solvent simultaneously. This is most useful for the preparation of cell solutions for medical laboratory analysis.

Christian Bernard Santoso recounts his Practice School experience and relishes his opportunity to experience rigorous industry training at Novartis and Morgan Stanley.


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