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Best Paper Award at PROCAMS 2005
- Samantha Wong, SMA Singapore Office

Associate Professor Cham Tat Jen, SMA Faculty Fellow of the Computer Science (CS) programme, has won the Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Workshop on Projector-Camera Systems (PROCAMS) in San Diego , June 2005. The paper, which Dr Cham co-authored with student Song Peng from NTU, is titled ‘A Theory for Photometric Self-Calibration of Multiple Overlapping Projectors and Cameras'.

The ingenious methods presented in the paper allow the use of any regular, off-the-shelf camera with basic functions and a small dynamic range to achieve the same accuracy in calibration, compared to existing methods requiring expensive photometers or sensitive cameras with high dynamic range imaging capability. This breakthrough is achieved by mathematically modeling the complex nonlinear relationship between an image sent to a projector and the appearance of the projected display as observed in a digital camera.

The presentation was very well-received at the workshop, with a number of researchers indicating their interest in implementing the authors' method in their own laboratories.

Dr Cham Tat Jen

To Dr Cham, the significance of winning the award is the satisfaction gained from making an important breakthrough that will likely be adopted by many other researchers working in the same area.

On his future plans, Dr Cham shares: “We have preliminary work that extends our theory to more general setups. Technically, our published work dealt with calibrating the brightness intensities of grays displayed by the projectors, but we have since extended the analysis to the full gamut of colors. Hopefully, this will lead to greater impact not just in the research arena, but also in the wider projector industry.”

On his award, Dr Cham would like to thank the organizers of PROCAMS 2005 and his PhD student Song Peng, “who worked very hard and went a few days without sleep in rushing to meet the paper submission deadline.”


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Design of Materials for Application to Energy Storage and Generation

- Regina Chan, SMA Singapore Office

“Highly charged batteries die out faster” resonated in my mind as I stepped out of the NUS CIT Auditorium on the afternoon of 18 August 2005. I must remember not to overcharge my cell phone battery again.

In the first of Singapore-MIT Alliance's Industry Networking Seminars, Professor Gerbrand Ceder – from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – spoke to an attentive audience on batteries and fuel cells, and how “computational modeling is bound to increase its impact in materials research”.

Students, Faculty, Research Engineers and Industry members had thronged to the CIT Auditorium for Prof Ceder's seminar. It proved to be a fruitful afternoon for them as Prof Ceder delivered a highly stimulating talk about how “a dvances in solid state physics and the availability of powerful computing technology have brought computational modeling to the point where some properties of materials can be predicted before they are ever synthesized”, thus opening up “the exciting possibility of performing materials research in silico ”.

No one dozed off that afternoon for the talk was interjected with humour, such as when Prof Ceder, tongue-in-cheek, said that “it's easy to tell in computation when something wouldn't work; most of the consultation money I've earned involves telling companies what not to do!”

During the question-and-answer session, participants had the chance to pick Prof Ceder's brains on certain areas that had been puzzling them; participants who were shy about asking questions in public were able to speak with him privately during the refreshment session. It was certainly a great networking opportunity!

“I have attended several of Prof Ceder's talks, and I always learn something new each time”, said Prof Choi Wee Kiong, Co-Chair of the SMA AMM&NS programme and moderator for the seminar.

Prof Ceder addressing an attentive audience

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